The non-profit Transitions Canada Coalition is a platform for collaboration among education ecosystem stakeholders to identify, enhance, test, and scale transformative innovations to better prepare students to  transition from school to success in life and 21st-century careers

We are based in the traditional unceded territory of the Wolastoqiyik (Maliseet), the Mi'kmaq and the Passamaquoddy First Nations.

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  • Phil Jarvis

Together We're Stronger

The Council of Ministers of Education of Canada (CMEC) adopted a Reference Framework for Successful Student Transitions in July 2017 in Charlottetown, PEI. The first 3 of its 11 benchmark recommendations are:

  • Benchmark 1 - Stable and student-centred career programming is provided

  • Benchmark 2 - Career-management skills are actively developed

  • Benchmark 3 - Career and labour-market information is accessible and its use supported

An entrepreneurial mindset/skillset is now an essential component in every young person's career-management toolkit. And students from middle school onward need more accessible career and labour-market information to make informed learning and career pathway decisions. For these reasons, Transitions Canada has identified PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs and Transitions, a career and labour market information tabloid, as 'proof-of-concept' projects.

Our premise is that Together We're Stronger! We believe that by convening best minds from across the country to enhance and scale proven, game-changing initiatives we can produce together what no jurisdiction could on its own - for the sake of students, not profits. We believe, and intend to demonstrate, that collectively we can take brilliant local initiatives, that might otherwise never see the light of day in other regions, to hundreds of thousands of students, teachers, parents and community partners across the country in record time.

An invitation to participate went to a number of potential project partners this week. Among them are Provincial and Territorial Departments of Education and Labour, the Canadian Council for Career Development, the Labour Market Information Council, the Business Council of Canada, the Future Skills Council, the Prime Minister's Youth Council, Skills Canada, the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education, Employment and Social Development Canada's Youth Strategy and Labour Market Information Directorates, and Innovation, Science and Economic Development. If you are in a decision-making or decision-influencing role with these or other potential partner agencies this is the time indicate your support. Let's test the premise that together we're stronger.

For more information contact:

Phil Jarvis, President

Transitions Canada


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