The non-profit Transitions Canada Coalition is a platform for collaboration among education ecosystem stakeholders to identify, enhance, test, and scale transformative innovations to better prepare students to  transition from school to success in life and 21st-century careers

We are based in the traditional unceded territory of the Wolastoqiyik (Maliseet), the Mi'kmaq and the Passamaquoddy First Nations.

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Transitions Magazine Content Outline

Transitions Magazine will be available free in hard-copy and interactive digital formats to secondary and post-secondary schools and public and private employment support agencies across Canada in time for Career Month (November) 2019. Transitions will be a full-colour magazine with vital and timely information students and young adults need to transition successfully from school to work they love. It will include a Job Chart insert with the latest earnings, education, and forecasts for 200+ in-demand occupations. Downloadable Teacher and Parent Guides will help spur in-depth career conversations in classroom and group settings, and around the kitchen table.

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You’ll see a tentative content map below. Please take a look then share your thoughts with us via the survey. We hope you will also encourage your students, clients, and colleagues to as well.

Magazine Sections

The following sections are planned for Transitions. These content sections will be brought to life through true stories of real young people and organizations across the Country.

Under the content map below, you will find an interactive tool that allows you to share your views with us. Can you think of important sections that are missing? 


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Transitions Content Map

Future Proofing Yourself


To encourage and assist readers in effectively making decisions on their future.

Focus Areas

  • Employment and Skills

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Lifestyle Options

Understanding my Needs


To encourage readers to explore their own characteristics and source of happiness.

Focus Areas

  • Issues I Care About

  • How do I fit in the World

  • Interests, Hopes, and Dreams




To help readers explore potential possibilities in different parts of life


Focus Areas

  • Employment Possibilities

  • Community Possibilities

  • Education Possibilities

What Can I do Now?


To outline a few action-based options that readers can undertake to improve.


Focus Areas

  • Employment Actions 

  • Self-improvement Actions

  • Self-marketing Actions


Where can I get Help?


To share with the readers the wide-array of options that are available to them for help.

Focus Areas

  • Private Career Professionals

  • Online Resources

  • Community Agencies


Job Chart Insert


To compile job information in an easily congestible manner for the readers. 


What it Includes:

  • 200+ occupations with salary, outlook, and training requirements.

Interactive Tool

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