WIGUP Classroom Learning Platform

WIGUP.tv was created by Mark Chatel and his team in Ottawa and Montreal. After more than 20 years of research and pilot projects in various parts of the world, Mark has developed a 3-step approach that is original, universal and that unlocks the potential in children helping them discover their true purpose in life. We like to think that WIGUP.tv is the “Cirque du Soleil” of education.

WIGUP: While I Grow Up

WIGUP.tv (While I Grow Up) is a bilingual web-based educational platform that helps 9-14 year-old students become Global Citizens by discovering the world through 5000 short videos. These students are getting involved in their own communities by interviewing passionate people who are making a difference and by undertaking their own soCreative WIGUP projects to support a cause of their choice.

“The future of education and of humanity is to develop the 6 Global Competencies in young people from an early age ‘to engage the world and change the world’. WIGUP is one of the most powerful tools around to instill the Global Competencies in learners starting at age 9.”

Michael Fullan, O.C., Global Leadership Director, New Pedagogies for Deep Learning and a worldwide authority on educational reform. He is on WIGUP’s Educational Advisory Board

At a time when the OECD, UNICEF and UNESCO are trying to instill these global skills, WIGUP.tv is the branding tool that assists every youth to fully contribute to society through his or her talent.

“WIGUP will honour all children with the best inspiring content and interactive tools. Children will, in return, celebrate and honour us with their differences and uniqueness.”

Stephanie Pace Marshall, Ph.D., pioneer in leading educational transformation.

Member of WIGUP’s Educational Advisory Board

“When a child chooses his path, let him do it. It’s because he felt something awaken inside.”

Henri Salvador

“When I was 10 years old, I won my first Wimbledon…in my head..”

Andre Agassi

“Help young people. Help small guys. Because small guys will be big. Young people will have the seeds you bury in their minds, and when they grow up, they will change the world.”

Jack Ma

Mark Chatel and TCC Partnership

Former Canadian champion in Fencing ranked among the top 15 junior fencers in the World, Mark Chatel has been a TV, Film and Interactive Producer for the past 20 years. Mark's mission is a powerful one: to develop the best educational tools to allow each child around the world to discover their true 'raison d'être' in life. 


Mark started as a Sports' commentator at the Barcelona Olympic Games as well as a Radio Host and TV Producer for Radio-Canada/CBC. Entrepreneur in education, Mark has spent the last 20 years researching how to ignite a burning desire in each child to fulfill his or her mission in life by unearthing his or her talents to help others.  Mark has interviewed hundreds of people from all walks of life to understand how one becomes WHO HE OR SHE REALLY IS...

Mark is a great story teller with a fascinating story. He uses the power of his testimony and of some of his own TV Productions to touch the hearts and minds of people. Mark holds a Bachelor degree in Political Science and Economics from University of Montreal as well as a Masters' degree in TV Production and Media Management from Emerson College in Boston. He was a member of the Clinton Global Initiative in New York for his work in education. Mark is married and is the father of 2 sons.

Transitions Canada Coalition and WIGUP.tv are exploring a partnership to bring a new generation of this popular, engaging, and effective resource to classrooms across Canada and beyond


Anticipated Key Benefits of this Program

Student Benefits

Exploring world issues through intelligent, inspiring and captivating videos


Learning how to become reporters


Showcasing their unique talents to help others in their communities through their creativity and entrepreneurship

Educator Benefits

A powerful tool to increase motivation in their students.

A chance to use their own creativity to go beyond the curriculum through their WIGUP creaCtivities

A platform to interact with children around the world and see their unique contributions to the world.

National Benefits

A unique pedagogical approach to help each child discover his or her uniqueness and master the global competencies.

A systemic approach to support the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals through children's creativity While They Grow Up!

This program is supported by Transitions Canada Coalition.