PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs®

The Young Entrepreneurs of Canada Association and Transitions Canada Coalition are working in partnership to develop a pan-Canadian project using PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs® which is presently in 26 school districts in British Columbia and all anglophone school districts in New Brunswick. The program will be reviewed by a Project Advisory Committee for recommended enhancements. An enhanced prototype will be piloted, in French and English, in multiple provinces and territories and U.S. states concurrently with the goal of developing an exemplary final product that can be used in schools across North America.

It's about Real-World Learning

PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs® is a curriculum-based program that cultivates an entrepreneurial mindset in intermediate classrooms. Students explore their own passions, talents and interests and the world of business as they plan and implement their own real businesses. They start out by conceptualizing product ideas and then they make prototypes, complete market research and solicit feedback from others before finalizing their designs and making their products. They also develop business plans, conduct market research, get loans and create marketing materials. The enterprising students showcase their achievements and make real sales at the Young Entrepreneur Show. This exciting event is attended by all other students in the participating school. Teachers, parents, grandparents and special guests are also invited to attend.

Feedback from students, parents and educators consistently shows a high level of engagement, even among individuals who have not responded well to traditional teaching methods. The process of taking their business from concept to reality teaches young people of all abilities to set goals, organize, problem solve, focus, and work independently and as a team. The flexible learning model and extension activities make it easy for teachers to adapt and personalize content and pacing to individual needs

With PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs®, students take charge of their learning, make their own decisions and are free to make mistakes. They also play an active role in assessment and use it to enhance their successes as they move through the business planning process. This rigorous learning experience helps students gain confidence and acquire new skills that can be transferred to all areas of life. Young entrepreneurs donate a portion of their earnings to a charity of their choice. This stimulates interest in important social issues and reinforces the message that everyone has an active role to play in the community.

The Young Entrepreneurs of Canada Association

Bill Roche specializes in designing curriculum-based resource packages that help students develop an entrepreneurial mindset, build financial literacy skills, and discover how they can be change makers in their communities. For almost 20 years, Bill has supported Canadian schools and districts in creating real-world learning experiences for students. His resources are used in 59 school districts in British Columbia alone and about 50,000 students participate in his programs each year.

The goal of the Young Entrepreneurs of Canada Association is to empower youth with an entrepreneurial mindset by implementing PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs in schools across the country. The trailer of a documentary that captures the process of learning associated with the program can be viewed on the left!

Facilitated by classroom teachers. Integrated into different subjects.

A Comprehensive Teacher Manual: Featuring six primary learning modules with fun-packed activities and games, the teacher manual comes complete with step-by-step lesson plans, activity sheets and assessment tools.

Business Planning Kits: These student workbooks are aligned with the lesson plans and used in classroom activities and with homework assignments. They contain questions, examples and tips to assist students with their plans

Student-Focused Videos: A series of inspirational videos featuring young entrepreneurs in action makes it easy to introduce key topics in the classroom

Parent Information Packages: Designed to help parents coach their children with the project, this resource includes a breakdown of the learning modules, an overview of homework assignments and sample product ideas

Educator Training: Online Teacher Tutorials offer practical tips to support implementation. A minimum of two hours of class time are required each week and the program typically runs over a six-week period. The resource package includes extension activities and suggestions for integrating into different aspects of the curriculum, so many teachers choose to devote additional time to the project. The approach can easily be adapted to meet classroom goals


Anticipated Key Benefits of this Program

Student Benefits

A hands-on introduction to entrepreneurship as a viable career option in a complex job market

Entrepreneurial Mindset. 


A significant increase in efficacy related to global competencies (e.g., critical thinking, creativity and communications) that can benefit all careers. 

An increased degree of intention to be entrepreneurial. (Supporting research would be based on the Theory of Planned Behaviour, which suggests that specific attitudes develop intention that in turn leads to behaviour.

An increase in growth mindset

The opportunity to connect with members of the business community

Educator Benefits

A valuable opportunity to use project-based learning to teach design thinking, entrepreneurship, and career education.

The chance to create personalized learning experiences where students are actively engaged in developing global competencies.

A rich entrepreneurship and career education learning experience for their students.

National Benefits

A proactive educational project helps build a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship from the grassroots level.

A powerful tool for empowering young people to help create a more prosperous and competitive nation.

This program is supported by Transitions Canada Coalition.